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How Do High-Protein Diets Impact Kidneys – Nephrology Channel

Did you know that when your body processes proteins, it actually burns a lot more calories? It’s easy to see why your body requires a lot more energy to process proteins. Proteins have different chemical bonds and structures; all these differences lead to a tremendous amount of energy requirements, as far as your system is concerned. Not only our proteins are crucial for synthesizing tissues and blood, they are also crucial in terms of a potential health risk.

Like it or not, when protein builds up in your blood, it’s only a matter of time until you die. I don’t mean to freak you out but this is the absolute truth. You see, your body is only designed to handle a certain amount of protein in your blood; anything over that and you have a protein excess leading to all sorts of toxic situations.

Whenever any chemical compound or nutrient breaks down in the bloodstream, your blood has to be filtered effectively; otherwise, all these toxins will build up and can cause all sorts of damage. What can possibly go wrong? Well, your brain and lungs can be impacted; your blood can essentially poison the rest of your organs – this is heavy stuff. This is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Sadly, a lot of people now, take a very casual or cavalier attitude when it comes to their kidneys. They eat all sorts of salty, fatty stuff and all sorts of carbohydrates, flooding their system with all sorts of junk that leads to the same place. That’s right. It all leads to one form or kidney failure or the other.

Believe it or not the kidneys don’t just shut down – that’s how we can develop kidney failure. In fact, kidney failure is something that unwinds over a long period of time. What makes this all extra tragic is that oftentimes, we only feel or detect the symptoms, when it’s already too late. Don’t put yourself in this sad situation.

Monitor your protein and your lifestyle. Get monitored by a doctor who specializes in nephrology. The good news is as long as you are proactive; you can spot and avoid problems before they flare up – it really boils down to that. A little bit of advanced planning and warning can definitely go a long way, as far as your kidneys’ overall long-term health is concerned.

Of course, if you are sick, chances are, your life enjoyment is going to go down the tubes. So consider this an investment in your personal happiness; consider this as an investment in your personal well-being, long into the future. A lot of people have a tough time looking one year ahead, but do yourself a big favor and force yourself to look 10 years 20 years or even 50 years into the future – you owe it to yourself. You don’t want to spend 20 years hooked up to a dialysis machine; it’s no fun and also very expensive.

Consider yourself warned.