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Original Date of Publication: 15 Jun 1998
Reviewed by: Stacy J. Childs, M.D., Stanley J. Swierzewski, III, M.D.
Last Reviewed: 10 Jul 2008

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Treatment ranges from antibiotic therapy to surgery, depending on the underlying cause.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) may be treated many ways. Eliminating foods and beverages from the diet and over-the-counter medications that irritate the prostate and cause it to swell is one option. Medication (e.g., terazosin) is often prescribed to treat BPH. When the condition does not respond to these measures, surgical removal of all or part of the gland may be recommended.

Kidney and bladder stones typically require procedures that remove or break up the stones, as well as measures to prevent their recurrence.

Kidney disease is treated according to diagnosis. In severe cases, dialysis may be necessary.

Medications (e.g., quinine, rifampin, phenytoin) that cause hematuria are discontinued.

Trauma-induced hematuria (e.g., a blow to the kidneys) is treated according to the severity of the injury, ranging from bed rest and close clinical observation to surgical repair or, in extreme cases, removal of the damaged tissue or organ.

Cancerous tumors found in the kidney, ureters, prostate, or bladder may be treated with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and surgery.

Urinary tract blockages are treated with correction or removal of the blockage.

Viral infections of the urinary tract and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), particularly in women, are treated with medication.


Prognosis differs according to the underlying condition and the patient's response to treatment.

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