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Great Kidney Health Starts with a Great Diet – Nephrology Channel

It’s too easy to mystify kidney stones; it’s too easy to think that any related kidney disease or medical condition is somehow, someway, mysterious. It’s easy to think along these lines because let’s face it – most of us are not health experts. There’s a tremendous amount of information disconnection between health practitioners and people suffering from all sorts of health conditions; this is why a lot of people think that when it comes to kidney health, they pretty much have missed the boat.

They think that the moment they start developing kidney stones or their urine starts looking really weird or they discover blood in there, the game is over. They start thinking of all sorts of nightmare scenarios; of them having to go into dialysis centers in their local city – this really is too bad because it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt even if you have already been diagnosed with a health issue involving your kidneys. All hope is not lost; it really all boils down to your diet.

Now, for a lot of people, any talk of dieting and lifestyle modification is a non-starter. They’re so accustomed to a certain way of life that it’s almost impossible for them to change. Believe me; I understand where you’re coming from. I know your considerations because I too have my own fair share of bad habits. With that said, since this is your kidneys that we’re talking about and these are the organs used by your body to filter all sorts of junk and poison from your bloodstream, you need to give it your best effort; there’s really no other solution and option – you have to change your diet and habits.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be anything overly dramatic; it doesn’t have to involve a tremendous amount of changes. You just have to have the right mindset – you have to just assume that this is doable. You have to go from one direction to the next, to ensure that things pan out. If you’re able to do that, then everything will be smooth sailing. You just have to look at what you stand to gain, – which is actually very easy to see – you no longer have to wait in line for dialysis.

If you live in Canada, where you have to wait in line for medical care, you know how much of a hassle this could be. Similarly, you don’t have to hassle with spending a lot of money on a private health care – this is definitely true if you live in the United States. So do yourself a big favor and focus on what you stand to gain; instead of what you stand to lose.

I understand that it’s a hassle, it’s an inconvenience, and it’s not all that comfortable; but the problem is focus on the bullet you dodged when you make diet changes. Focus on that tremendous amount of pain and discomfort you’re going to spare your family from, if you just decide to put in the right time, effort and attention to make things easier for yourself – through kidney-related lifestyle and diet modifications.

Think of the long game.