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Essential Homescapes Tips for the Game Enthusiast – Nephrology Channel

Essential Homescapes Tips for the Game Enthusiast

Essential Homescapes Tips for the Game Enthusiast

Homescapes is a fun and relaxing online game developed by Playrix Games, creators of the widely-held Gardenscape game. It is a puzzle where you can simply use the Homescapes hack, or if you’re up for it, ‘match 3’ to complete the goals set for each level and receive Coins and Star. So, by simply swapping pieces together, you are able to finish various levels of the fascinating game. Listed here are a couple of effective Homescapes tips to make the game enjoyable for you;
• Booster items are available and they can be bought from the game shop when you spend real money in the game.
• You are allowed to swap the rocket power-ups with the nearby piece to launch it. It’s always better to use rockets to cover tucked away areas or columns and rows that are hard to reach.
• You can send invites to your Facebook friends so they can assist in generating a warm ambiance in the house.
• Paper planes can be activated by simply double-tapping on them. To earn a paper plane, you need to match four pieces in a box or square formation together.
• The bomb power-up can be activated by simply tapping on it. Several bombs are required if you plan to beat a certain level.

Save Moves

If you have been playing Homescapes for a long time, you already know the importance of the save moves. As you start playing the game, you may notice that you have a lot of moves more than you need in clearing the board. However, keep in mind that saving moves can give you an advantage should you commit a mistake the next time around.

Every time you’re going to save a move after completing a particular level in Homescape, you will be awarded of a special piece for the puzzle boards. The special pieces are usually rockets. But some cases you are given bombs. If you are lucky enough to have bombs, it’ll automatically explore that will result in a lot of bonus coins for you. Coins are important in Homescapes as well. Hence, while you’re playing make sure that you save as several moves as you can.

Build a paper plane

Should you reach the match-3 puzzle competition games in Homescapes, make sure that you’re going to build a paper plane. Building a paper plane requires matching four pieces in a formation of a box. Having a paper plane can help you to unlock a piece without spending any coins in the process.

Aside from that, paper planes are essential if you see the need of carpeting an area. It’ll automatically target an uncarpeted area. Perhaps one of the most effective boosters that you can use in Homescapes is the paper planes because of their versatility. If you are given a chance, make sure that you create them because it can provide conveniences along the way.

Maximizing the power of rockets

In saving moves, you must maximize your rockets. It’s a useful booster that can help you complete a certain puzzle in Homescapes. Rockets can clear an entire row or column and an essential when you are carpeting an area. These levels will require the player to cover the entire puzzle with carpet which can eat up all your moves in the process.

Hence, you need to use rockets to move on from the carpet levels easily. Make sure that you’re only going to use the rockets on the hardest rows or columns. Never waste your rockets. Learn how to use it to your advantage!

Maximize the power of rainbow ball

In match-3 games, it’s important that you make the most out of the rainbow ball. In creating rainbow balls, players are required to target five tiles in a certain row or column. The rainbow call allows you to remove any tile on the board that fits the color you’re going to swap your rainbow ball with. It’s important especially if your task is gathering a particular certain tile type.

Keep these tips in mind when you are playing Homescapes to make the most out of it. It’ll help you to easily clear up levels and enjoy all throughout without getting stuck into a certain level and frustrate yourself. Homescape is actually a fun game if you know how to pull strings right!