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Considerations for a 4K Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X – Nephrology Channel

Considerations for a 4K Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X

Considerations for a 4K Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X

High Dynamic Range is otherwise known as HDR. The ‘range’ here refers to the array of colors that can be generated by a display. So distinct pixels look better plus extremely bright and dim elements can be shown simultaneously. This results in brilliant lively colors. For the 4K gaming monitor for Xbox One X, makers are giving support to HDR10 on their displays as there’s no extra fee for it to be added to the monitor.
Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ
We are very sure this 4k HDR monitor is not a regular. If you’re out for the best hdr gaming monitor the world has to offer, this monitor should be on your bucket list. There’s a deal breaker, however. It’s quite costly, but we’re not surprised as this is a fairly new technology and it’s a first in the high-end monitor division. Enthusiasts out there would love it, especially those that are after the best monitor available the price notwithstanding. Make sure you go with a fat pocket!
The ROG Swift PG27UQ features a 27” IPS panel monitor that has a native resolution of 4k UHD, but there’s more to it, it has a refresh rate of 144Hz.

LG 27UD68-P

This 4K monitor is suitable for gamers who are in the budget but desires accurate color for Xbox One X. LG prides their company for their excellence when it comes to gaming quality, editing photos, and watching movies as well.

The IPS panel is noticeable with its vibrancy bringing life to the images with its precise and saturated colors. Aside from that, if you want a bezel-free front, the LG 27UD68-P is the one that you are looking for with a minimalist design that is perfect for any gamers out there.

Asus MG28UQ

Asus, on the other hand, is known for providing high-quality and full-fledged gaming monitors with high-end specs such as high-quality TN panel that can fill the game when it comes to screen technologies and its FreeSync for PC and Xbox One X. The seamless screen provided the E-Sports level performance and decreased input lag average of 10ms.

This gaming monitor is best known for its quality and ergonomics every gamer would dream of. It’s easy to use, worth the investment, and can provide a better experience when it comes to playing games.

ViewSonic XG2700-4K

ViewSonic is regarded as one of the best 4k gaming monitors for Xbox one x and PC because of its excellent 10-bit IPS panel that can provide exceptional reproduction of image through the quality factory calibration. This model also has a decreased input lag to 11ms through the help of Overdrive feature that doesn’t compromise the fidelity of the output.

FreeSync is also included in this package should you wish to utilize the monitor for PC gaming. It’s a great value for a single display that can provide multiple gaming platforms. If you have extra money, we highly recommend this model as one of your best gaming investments.

LG 43UD79-B

Another model from LG comes the TV-sized monitor LG 43UD790B that entails a multi-input functionality to give you increased productivity and multiple uses. It has the ability to display UHD images with the excellent fidelity of colors on its 43-inch 4k IPS screen.

Aside from that, it can split the screen into four parts with 108p that displays images from independent sources. The huge screen and multiple displays are perfect not only for gaming but can also be used in working as well.

BenQ PD3200U

This 4k monitor is ideal for both gamers and designers. Why? It’s known for its reliability for professionals who are looking for a quality screen I graphics work and CAD and gaming on an Xbox One X as well.

This 32-inch screen provides precise gamut coverage and several filters according to your purpose. The flexibility and durability of this monitor are recognized for its decreased input lag of 11ms and great image clarity as well.

Now, the industry for HDR monitors continues to progress and widen. If you wanted to have a good investment, make sure that you’re going to choose from the aforementioned 4k monitors above. Rest assured that it’s worth every cent of your money regardless if you are on a budget or not.